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Company Liquidation and Winding Up in Malta

Company Liquidation And Winding Up in Malta | Papilio Services Limited

An orderly and proper company liquidation and winding up of a Maltese entity is important so that no issues remain outstanding with regard to any shareholder, founder, settlor, beneficiary, director, company secretary or other officer of a Maltese company, trust or foundation.

Company Liquidation and Winding Up in Malta – Services

We provide advisory services on a general and/or transactional basis to our clients, including companies, trusts and foundations, in relation to liquidation and winding up procedures or termination of entity/relationship in Malta.

In this regard we are able to assist with all relevant resolutions, forms and ancillary documents necessary for the liquidation and winding up procedure applicable to Maltese companies, and the termination/dissolution procedures applicable to Maltese trust and foundations. We also handle all necessary filings with the Maltese Registrar of Companies and the Registrar of Legal Persons in this regard.

A Maltese company can be dissolved and wound up by a member’s voluntary winding up procedure, a creditor’s voluntary winding up procedure or a court procedure. A member’s voluntary procedure is run and controlled by the shareholders of the company, and is dependent on the solvency of the company. A creditor’s voluntary procedure is run and controlled by the creditor’s of the company and is usually relevant in an insolvency situation.

Company Liquidation and Winding up in Malta Contact

Our services may include making up all necessary accounts, financial statements and final schemes of distribution, filing of all relevant income tax returns and VAT returns, and the de-registration procedure relevant to income tax registration and VAT registration in Malta. If the entity was registered as an employer in Malta we also handle all necessary de-registration procedures in this regard.

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