Trust and Foundations

Trusts and Foundations, used for personal and family wealth, are often unique situation depending on each client. We can assist in helping you make the right choice and to ensure it is set up correctly and efficiently.

Why Set Up a Trust or Foundation?

The use of trust and foundations are varied but some include for asset holding and succession planning for the passing down of assets in a controlled and structured way. They are also used and popular for charitable and philanthropic reasons with foundations offering a great deal of flexibility as they can set up for a particular charitable purpose rather than have beneficiaries.

Foundations can have some traits of a company and of a trust and are more popular for those more familiar with a civil law jurisdiction. Whereas trusts are more popular for those more familiar with a common law jurisdiction such as the UK.

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At Papilio Services, we are experienced at setting up trusts and foundations and can assist with the administration and legal requirements needed to maintain them. We are also able to act as trustees of trusts or administrators of foundations in a professional manner with the best interests of the beneficiaries, founders, and purpose of that vehicle.

If you are interested in having an initial consultation to discuss your business requirements, contact us using the form below and will reach out to schedule a call as soon as possible. If you require more technical information, we can arrange for a local expert to be on the call.

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