Registered Office

Opening your business overseas can be expensive and time consuming. Moreover, finding an office in a foreign country can lead to its own challenges. At Papilio Services, we want to make the process of setting up a company as easy as possible, and that includes finding an office.

As a licenced provider, we can offer our office as a registered office for you so that you don’t have to have physical location. This is a cost effective as well as time efficient way of registering your company. By using our registered office, you will have:

  • A Forwarding Address for Mail
  • Dedicated Phoneline
  • Dedicated Fax Lines for Your Business
  • Website and Email Set Up

    However, if you require a physical office, we can assist you locally to find a broker or agent to help find the perfect office space for you and your team.

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    If you are interested in having an initial consultation to discuss your business requirements, contact us using the form below and will reach out to schedule a call as soon as possible. If you require more technical information, we can arrange for a local expert to be on the call.

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