Careers at Papilio Services

Papilio Services is a Boutique Corporate Service Provider that offers specialist services and advice to a portfolio of international businesses and private clients. Founded in 2012, we have become one of Malta’s leading independent service providers. Based in the heart of Valletta, our modern work environment is encased in a 16th-century Palazzo, giving a unique atmosphere to work within. Working in the historic and beautiful Valletta, the capital of Malta provides the team with a great and enjoyable place to work.

Our team spans across different professions including tax, corporate, compliance, accounting and advisory services. We boast having a diverse international team who share the same drive, commitment and work ethic to helping each other and the clients they manage. Working with Papilio Services is a stimulating and rewarding experience where there is constant opportunity for self-development. Not only do you gain hands-on practical experience of working with clients in many different industries and types of activities, we regularly send staff on work-related courses to keep up to date with the latest trends and changes in the industry.

At Papilio, we encourage the team to grow, develop and learn by encouraging personal development, furthering education, on-going training and knowledge sharing. While we work hard within the office to provide our clients with the best service, we also ensure that the team persevere a healthy work-life balance by having plenty of annual leave and flexible working hours.

We value giving back to the community and the staff are involved in various fund-raising initiatives for local charities and good causes in Malta. Papilio Services actively encourages this and further contributes in order to help local charities giving to those who need it most.

The Directors at Papilio Services ensure that an open-door policy is in place so that any staff member can feel safe to ask for help or assistance when they need it. Therefore, this creates a positive and supportive work environment for everyone within the company. The interaction between all levels of staff within their teams and through management is key to our success and we regularly organise staff events, training and social activities to help integrate and feel part of the Papilio Services family.

Benefits of Working at Papilio Services

  • An excellent remuneration package which is reviewed on an annual basis.
  • A commitment to studying and further development
  • Ongoing training and opportunities to attend seminars organised by professional bodies
  • A premium and up market office environment
  • Opportunities to work with various high-level clients in different industries
  • A staff friendly working environment
  • A commitment to a good balance between work and life.

Our Office in Valletta

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Students undergoing studies in accountancy at university, ACCA or equivalent qualification or those with studying for a qualification within Corporate Law or Compliance seeking practical work experience are encouraged to contact us with regards to what opportunities exist. Apply below and we will review your experience. We will get in contact with you if your application has been successful.

You can also reach out to our recruitment team in Malta, Papilio Talent. They will understand what you’re looking for and advise you on the most suitable jobs in Malta.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

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